How do I make a door that has breakable glass in it?

I’ve been experimenting with different ways but none of them seem to work.

Parent the breakable glass to the door.

Maybe do “Ontakephysicsdamage (or equivilent) -> !self -> clearparent” and the glass will fall out when hit :D.

Should be correct, lol.

Evidence of someone not knowing what they are on about.

Func_breakable or func_breakable_surf parented to the door should work.

Yeah, parenting it to the door worked. Thanks.

I was talking about if he wanted dmm style stuff, usually people know how to use func_breakables…

If you want dmm stuff, use func_breakable_surf for the windows. Anything more complex, use another engine.

this cant SERIOUSLY be much of a problem.

just parent a func breakable to the door.

you guys cant seriously be this stupid.

its impossible.

This can**‘t seriously be ** that ** much of a problem. Just parent a func_breakable to the door. You cant seriously be this stupid,** it**’**s impossible.

Have a bad spelling.

  • He’s new, he can’t be expected to know these things straight off.
  • Don’t say “you guys” because it wasn’t all of us, it was the OP who asked a very reasonable question.
  • We already answered his question, we didn’t need somebody to answer his question again like a total ass.


I don’t understand the secret message in the above post

Don’t be dense. He’s correcting spelling.

Which makes him off as a dick.

Except he’s defending and trying to help the OP with a mapping problem and criticizing someone for being harsh to the OP. So I’d say he isn’t really that much of a dick at all.

Well, it’s already been answered twice before him. So I say just lock the thread.

Okay I’ll get right on that. :rolleyes:

Wasn’t telling you to.