How do i make a door that is triggered by a trigger?

I’'ve recently learnt how to make doors and such, but i don’t know how to make doors that open when you walk inside a trigger.

I know it’s simple, and probably stupidly obvious, but i can’t work it out…

Thanks in advance.

Also, is there a way to not make the buttons move when you press them?

Give the door a name like door01, make a block with the trigger texture and make it a trigger_once entity or trigger_multiple it depends. Make an output in the trigger: My Output Named: OnTrigger. Targets Entity Named: door01. Via This Input: this is what you want to happen when you walk through the trigger.

You have to place the trigger entity so that you can actually step on it or walk through it.

A trigger entity that’s tied to the door.

Thanks, cold ice, i was unsure what function to give it (i guess it’s not actually a function in this case though).

There is a flag for func_button that stops it from moving when activated.


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