How do I make a door that you can barricade?

As the title says, I have tried this but it didnt work too well.

You’ll probably need a workaround. The easiest one would be to place a trigger in front of the door and set it so if a physics object is touching the trigger, the door becomes locked.

Got it to work! Thanks! :smiley:

I decided to put a timer on it so it unlocks after 10 seconds if its used when locked, also changed the locked sound to a wood banging sound. :slight_smile:

To add to what HGrunt said,

If you want to make sure that people can only block the door with map props, create a filter to only allow those items to pass through the trigger. That way only your map props will block the door, and it’ll just push aside anything else, making it so only the props you intend (like a mounted lock bar) to barricade the door will actually barricade the door.

Now thats exactly what I did. :smiley:

Alternatively you could have a trigger inside each hook and only lock the door when both are blocked, not sure if you can check if it’s the same prop or not