How do I make a driving combine APC

Hi im kind of a noob at hammer and was wondering how to make a driving combine APC like in Smod.Second,when I try to make a tracktrain when I use it in game the angles are fucked up.If you can answer both these you shall have a cookie!

There’s multiple ways you can fuck up the angles of tracktrain’s, we need more info.

Ah well,I can probably work around that.Now does anyone know how to make a driving combine APC?

I don’t know anything about hammer so this is the newbs way which you’ll probs already know…I dno, might help in hammer anyways.
This is the worst way to do it, seeing as it would be an adv dupe. What you could do, is spawn a jeep/car, no collide it with a apc model, then put the apc evenly were the jeep is. Then weld the jeep to the apc. it may be a good idea to lower the apc weight, but not by too much or it’ll fuck up. remove the colour of the jeep (go onto colour tool and put the numbers all to 0) . Then place a camera so the user can see themselves driving. Should work, but it will be pretty shit.

Well,thats one way but is there anyone who knows how to do this in hammer editor?
EDIT:Dont give me links to npc packs with an APC in them cause I want one thats made in Hammer editor.

There is a prefab already in hammer, called APC drive on path or something like that

I deliver.