how do i make a game mode catagory

Hey guys, me and some friends are making a server and its we were wondering how to make our own catagory on the gmod server list. for example DarkRP is a catagory. and i have seen people with their own custom ones and i was wondering how to do it.

thanks in advance!

Let’s not do that :v: I don’t want to see another shitty DarkRP edit as a new gamemode.

Its not DarkRP. its a game mode that me and some friends are actually making. i was using DarkRP is an example i wasn’t saying that our server was DarkRP

If it is Darkrp then here, I found this with a simple Google search ".) open darkrp.txt after clicking on the DarkRP folder.
Then where it says “title” “DarkRP”
Change the DarkRP to what you want to name it.
DO NOT change the part at the top of the page where it says “darkrp” as that will mess everything up.

2.) open the gamemode folder and open init.lua
On the line that says GM.Name = “DarkRP”
Change the DarkRP to the name of your new gamemode.
Then change GM.Version = “2.5.1” to whatever version number your gamemode is.
Then change GM.Author = “…”
To the name of the people who created your gamemode"

Oh and in the gamemode folder creat a file called the name of your gamemode, they forgot to add. That part, if theirs any more problems ask me.
I hope it’s not just a Darkrp server with codehire written all over it.

Have fun.