How do I make a Garrysmod Loading Screen for My Server?

I made this Loading screen I want to put on my server to explain everything about it.
I have a HTML version of this and a JPEG version. How do I add it to the server?
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You can put it on a website and then use sv_loadingurl in your server.cfg for example if my loading screen were Google it would be sv_loadingurl “

Unless garry fixed it. You need to put this in the command line when you start the server as +sv_loadingurl “”. Just make sure you don’t put in the http://. It wont work then.

I need help. I tried what you guys said but it didnt work.
I want to be my load screen. Can I use a text document as a load screen?

It probably has to be HTML, and not just pure text.
I wouldn’t know though, try it with a different website first to see if it works.
Remember not to include the HTTP:// part.

It has to be HTML. Links around the site are pointless as a player joining the server cannot click them.

What font is that?

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I just included sv_loadingurl “” after -game “garrysmod” works for me.

Alright, If anyone wants me to make a video tutorial on how to make a loading screen I will gladly do it. Just message me if you want me to,

Basically take an image:

Throw it in a webhost (I use NFO my server came with a site as well)

and add either +sv_loadingurl “sitename” to your command line or sv_loadingurl “sitename” in your server.cfg

Use YouTube. Here’s a good tutorial.