How Do I Make A GMod Map?

Hey Guys, I need to know how to make a gmod map please reply

~ xmathewx75

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thanks dude

Download Source SDK and use Hammer.

Make sure you have CSS and stuff…

Source SDK in the tools tab

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Download source SDK, go into hammer, and… ah, just read this.

The above. And I recommend you have a look at Interlopers and Halfwit too, they have excellent tutorials. I hope you become a successful mapper. :slight_smile:


Also, some mods ban for signing posts.

Good luck though! :v:

Pfft, noob, everyone does that now-a-days. It’s like…our business card.

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Steam>Tools>Source SDK

That’s your map to find the mapping tool, OP.

I can map without CSS. HL2 has a wonderful supply of textures and entities.

I’m not a 10er
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It did for everyone but Ninja_Duck :\

Use your main then and we wouldn’t have to worry.

cant find my half life two: deathmatch :frowning: i only have css and thats all i see css nothing else

hl2 deathmatch does not include the files required to make a map

You are supposed to be able to create a map just by having ONE source game.
This means, if you have Half Life 2 OR Counter Strike Source OR Half Life 2 Episode 1 OR etc… you will be able to map.
Howeber, the more games you have, the better, you will have more textures etc…