How do I make a good looking font?

I’ve noticed that all of the fonts I create seem to be low res and they just look bad in general. How can I create a font that looks nice no matter the size?

edit(for image):

surface.CreateFont( "SimpleFont", {
	font = "Calibri", 
	extended = false,
	size =  20,
	antialias = true,
} )

Any code? Screenshots?

On my server the font I generally use looks bad/squished together at a certain size but looks alright at one pt above or below. Also make sure to check the font’s weight.

If you’re drawing them in a 3D2D context, they will look awful unless you make the scale really small.

You could try making the size of the font really big and using some kind of render operation to scale it back down. This would ensure good quality.

How would I go about doing this and would there be any draw backs?

I don’t think this is a very good way, but there’s some examples in

cam.PushModelMatrix that have a variable for the scale that might work

Just tried that out and it actually seems to make the text quality worse.