How do I make a halo rp server I wish to make one

If you can give me a walk trough please.

Will you be hosting it on your own computer? Will you pay for hosting?

Yes on my on com and i don’t know were would I pay for hosting

It seems that you do not know much about hosting a server. I advise you not to host on your computer since your internet speeds are probably a bit slow. Also type up in google “gmod hosting” and youll find all gmod hosts out there. It takes ALOT of hard work and effort (i spent over 100 hours working on my server and it is still in development) to make a good server.

Also, you shouldn’t host on your own computer (i.e. your gaming computer) because there’s lots of fuckery that can happen to it should someone decide to start dos’ing you or something worse than that.

Plus there’s plenty of things that can happen to your network iirc if you port forward for the entire network and don’t have a proper DMZ set up.

A decent host is gmc and it has a nice control panel, and this is if you live in the Us or Canada.

At least you learnt something:

Here add me on steam and Ill help you and teach you the basics…mmkay?

I wouldn’t touch gmc with a 10 foot barge pole if i was you

you can get a super cheap VPS for like 5-10 bucks from companies like vultr and linode, only problem is its linux so installing srcds and getting everything online takes a while

just change the name of the gamemode