How do i make a mirror?

OK, so i’ve made what i hoped was a mirror, using an info_camera_link, point_camera and a simple brush with the texture dev_monitor.

However, when i compiled my map, and tryed to run it in GMod, it got about half way through loading, then closed.

I’ve removed it, and recompiled my map, and it worked fine, so it’s definetly the “mirror”.

What am i doing wrong? And how do i use info_camera_link because i had a bit of trouble with that.

Thanks in advance.

Use the reflective texture and a func_reflective surface

The texture is checkered black/pink in hammer. Is that normal, and if not is there an alternative?

Edit: I’ve compiled it, and it works, but when i go to the side of it, it seems to be reflecting the wall behind it…

Only put the texture on the face you want to reflect. If it’s a mirror, build it a frame.

And the black and pink is normal.

Not that you will read this till you get unbanned…

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Make a frame around your mirror. Make a nodraw brush within the frames (this is the mirror it self)

then make the front brush (the mirror) into a reflective texture. then make the mirror into a func_reflective_glass. then put a cubemap face to face with the mirror. it must be at the center. the cubemap front must touch the mirror front. then drag it away 16units

Then set the cubemap to highest resulotion. Then make the mirror front brush connected with the cubemap.

Type buildcubemaps into console in-game. And you are done!


Here’s a tutorial if you need further help.