How do i make a money system for RP map

i am trying to make an RP gamemode and map. I’m a little familliar with lua and i know Source SDK in and out, but i need help with figuring out how to make a money and sales system. essentially i want to make an oblect in the map usable by the player that gives money, and other oblects that take money in exchange for objects. I hope im not in the wrong section for this but i’m new to facepunch, so, please forgive. any help i can get would be great, thanks.

how could you go wrong with oblects


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You’re probably best off asking in Lua Scripting.

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It could be done in a map by itself, though. A point_template spawning the money and a filter_activator_name on the places where it’s spent could handle it, but a Lua script that actually works with the gamemode is probably the best solution.

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