How do I make a name In my server Rainbow?

I need help and i dont have any scripts or luas for it so just paste a lua or script and tell me what to name it and place it!

Honestly? I dislike this “self-deserving” attitude I’ve seen recently. It seems like a lot of people are coming on here expecting anyone to make them what they need instead of learning, making an effort. It’s one thing to have some code to show for yourself and asking what the next step should be, or what you might be doing wrong, but it’s another to go on there and expect someone to make it.

Paste this in your lua/autorun folder. Call it rainbowname.lua


if CLIENT then
surface.CreateFont(“RainbowFont”, {size=128})
local ts = TimedSin
hook.Add(“HUDPaint”, “Rainbow name”, function()
if not LocalPlayer() then return end
local w,h = ScrW(),ScrH()
local l = LocalPlayer():Nick()
local l2,h2 = surface.GetTextSize(l)
local sx,sy = w/2-l2/2, h/2-h2/2
for i=1,string.len(l) do
local c = string.sub(l,i,i)
local ch,cw = surface.GetTextSize©
if i>1 then sx = sx+ch end
local p = i/string.len(l)
local p2 = 1-p
surface.SetTextColor( Color( ts(3,0,255,p20), ts(3,0,255,p221), ts(3,0,255,p*22) ,255) )