How do I make a Physgun skin?

I know how to edit the VTFs, but I need the files themselves. I apparently need
everything in the Materials - Models - Weapons -V_physcannon directory.
I already have the Sprites. Where can I find or get these files?
Thanks in advance, and let me know if this makes sense.

The vmfs?

VMF = Valve Map Format?

wtf mang

Sorry, VTFs. Valve Texture Files.

VMT = Valve Material Type.
If you need the VTFs, they should be where the VMTs say they are. Usually in the same folder, and if they aren’t, just open the VMT in notepad and look where it tells you to.
If you can’t find them, they’re in the GMod GCF file in Steam\Steamapps.
Get GCFscape, find them, extract them, and profit.

Then it’s just a matter of pasting the edited files in the right location.

Thanks! I found them in the Source Materials GCF, though.

VMF = Valve Map Format
VMT = Valve Material Type
VTF = Valve Texture File

STFU = Shut the fuck up! Who gives a shit if he said VTF wrong. We know what he means now. Jesus Christ…