How Do I Make a Player Model Out Of A Hexed Ragdoll?

SOLVED, new question below

How do I add player animations to my player model?

Help is needed!

I didn’t know player models was to do with lua scripting.

Maybe post in models help section.

Already did the Model section, told me to come here. I’m pretty sure making the player model work IS actually the Lua coding, but the model itself is obvouisly…a model.

Good news by the way people, I got it to work! A new question arrives though. How do I add player animations to my model? It WORKS, its just in that un-animated ragdoll running around. (Ragdoll stands straight, arms stretched out 45 degrees from his lower body.)

Bump, you mean like the T-stance?


I found a tutorial, but I find it kind of confusing…I’ll just have to do it until I get it I suppose.

Compile it using the male_anims.mdl included in the Garry’s Mod CGF. That file contains all the nessecary animations.

Okay, thanks!

hey exhale, I need your help with the hexed models, could you add me to steam?