How do I make a player model with custom models?

I made a NPC and I was wanderign how could I make it into a Player Model. I tried to do it but the animations were screwed up. Just the minge pose. Any help?

Refer to:

Contains hexing help, and an alternate way of adding animations.

So I have to decompile the model and add the code
[lua] $includemodel “player/male_anims.mdl” [/lua]

Or do I need to enter this huge thing?

I think you have the right idea, decompile, add code, recompile.

Thats simple :stuck_out_tongue:


Every time I open the decompiler it says Error blah blah Q_ thing…

Startup source SDK to fix this.


Why the $%&# cant i find any COMPLETE STEP TO STEP guides how to make a playermodel?!

me too,
i got this cool combine npc and want to makeit into a player model.
But like you said there no where that’ll tell me how to do it!

Good job bumping this thread.
Refer to my post for an updated guide on making playermodels, NPCs, and how to add them into the game.