How do I make A PVE server on steam?

Hello Gary,
Well I found the not so super secret steam key page and activated my steam key…
and so I want to play PVE and gather and build without being shot in the back of the head and then having my corps being looted…
how would I make a PVE only server please?


You can rent a server from Ideal Hosting from around $60 to rent the server(Apparently)Plus there are PvE servers I’m assuming you haven’t spotted them.


You can’t host your own servers at the moment.

Thanks guys I am thinking of renting an East coast PVE server

hello Tony i think i saw you in game i built an addition on to your base once.

Please make it No Sleepers if you do… it’s nice to have one with sleepers and one without…

yes you did !!! Hello my friend!! we will do it again if I see you in-game…

I can’t wait till they allow us to create our own servers. I run 6 minecraft servers for years now. We own our own Servers. With GTA 5 and school started, it has been dead. So time to move on.

I tried starting up a CSS:GO clan, but it didn’t work out well.

If anyone wants to join our group for RUST. Please PM me. I would like to get a group started in the US to play around after school time, and Midnight players.

My time zone is EST, New York City Time (if that will help.)

Lets Make our own servers, and admin it from hackers, make a a fun place to play.


Thanks for the reply and info… I contacted Ideal hosting and they want $2600 per year with admin control panel… Yikes !

Let’s go ahead and triple that 60$'s a month… lol