How do I make a ragdoll.smd?

I have a model and I believe it is t-posing because I need a ragdoll.smd, the model uses a shortened hl2 skeleton, so how would I make the .smd? I have the model rigged and the bones assigned but it t-poses because there is no ragdoll.smd. Or so I believe, any ideas? :v:

Export the reference as a sequence. Make sure it’s called “ragdoll” so that it doesn’t overwrite the actual reference model.

Or just use the reference itself, no need to make a whole new smd. The end result will be exactly the same.

Don’t bother using ragdoll.smd, just set your default ragdoll $sequence to use the same SMD from your Reference, as Joe said.
It’ll save you a lot of grief when you make changes to the skeleton and forget to re-export ragdoll.smd… or if your program simply fails to export it properly. Shockingly common problem.

Thanks everyone for the help, I will try these ASAP : )