How do I make a server for my friend to play with me with "Start New Game?"

**Peer-To-Peer Listen Servers

Servers that are created via the main-menu’s “Start New Game” button can now be connected to via Steam’s P2P networking. This means that – on most networks – friends are able to connect to each other’s games without any special network configuration being required (e.g. port forwarding).

To use it, all you have to do is use your friends list to join/invite a friend!**

So, my friend and I attempt to do this. The server wouldn’t respond. I have a few questions.

  1. Why didn’t this work?
  2. How do I make this work?
  3. Do I need Evolve / Hamachi to do this?

Make sure the friend didnt start the server with the option ‘start singleplayer game’, and chose a player count instead, then make sure, his server is set to NOT local, (he should remove the tick there) then you simply should be able to join him from steam, I heard about a console command, wich I dont know though. type ‘connect’ in the console, it shows something with ‘connect p2p:<blah>’ as example.

We tried this. 1. I had the Local Server unticked. 2. The player count was at 2 (Him and I).

It said the server wasn’t responding when he tried to connect. He tried both the “Connect” command and joining via Steam.

do you have “p2p_enabled 1” in console?

Lemme see, I gotta reinstall Gmod due to a Jukebox addon crashing my game.

Hamachi is an a private network, better for alternatives but it’ll work. If you’re wanting to ‘Start Newgame’ it’ll require you to portforward the Garry’s Mod ports (27015 and 27005). You can do this by accessing your router, loging in and adding a new game service making sure you do assign this to a device connected to your modern.

Hope this solves your issues.

After the new update, gmod now supports steams P2P networking, wich doesnt require you to portforward anymore if you join of “join game…” – friendlist.