How do I make a SWEP addon?

How do I make a SWEP addon?

Depends on what you ask
Creating the SWEP:

learned allot from those 2 tutorials
to make a addon, make a folder for your swep in the addons folder and make a info.txt file in it with these contents:

        "name"              "Addon name"
        "version"           "Current Version"
        "up_date"           "Date of update"
        "author_name"       "Addon's Author"
        "author_email"      ""
        "info"              "Addon's Info"
        "override"          "0"

just mimic the folder structure of gmod in it
so your lua files should go into <addonname>/lua/entities/weapons/<weaponname>

Thanks, I am working on the chair shoter nwo. :smiley:


Hey it didnt work!

Go to your Garrysmod Director.

Open your addons folder.

Create a folder called My Guns

Inside the folder, create a txt file, and copy-paste this into it:

        "name"              "My Guns"
        "version"           "1.0"
        "up_date"           "Today"
        "author_name"       "Userman122"
        "author_email"      ""
        "info"              "This is guns created by Userman122"
        "override"          "0"

Then make another folder, called lua.

Then inside lua make a folder called weapons.

Inside that one, create a folder called chair_thrower.

Open up Notepad and code the chair thrower, from the Wiki and save it as shared.lua, *inside your chair_thrower folder.

Then close the whole thing and run Gmod. It should now be in the “Weapons” tab under “Other”.

Oh god thanks. Im sure it will work now.

Glad I could help.

But please, dont release it, cause it’s right there on the wiki, and first-time-sweps are barely any good.

Just keep that in mind :wink:

Ive heard that before. So on with my first tool... But thanks alot!! (now I know how theyve made that HAXX SWEP lol)

Just keep working at your skills, everyone starts small and gets good

Yes, thats rigtht. Now I know how to makke STOOLS and SWEPS. I want to learn SENTS too. My gol is to create a zombiesurvival gamemode.

You shouldnt really have created a whole new thread, just for asking how to make a sent into an addon.

Why not? Maybe you dindt now how, and then somone who do know how, dont enter this thread…

Wait… What?

Well, You could ask how to make somethig into an addon in “What do you need help with V1” for example. Instead of making a new thread about it.

Ok. I`ll check that thread out. But what if someone else nee help with the same shit? They can just search! Much better if you ask me.

Well, to be honest. I think you’re the only one I’ve met, asking that question.

How to make a SENT into an addon?

The same way you make EVERYTHING else into addons…