How do I Make a Swep?

I would like to make a swep for G-Mod. I’ve made a simple model of what I want to make but don’t really know how to go about turning the thing into a working swep. Can somebody please give me a crash course in making one?

Swep making is in lua coding (pronounced loo-ah) and one of the most easiest ways are to pluck coding from counter strike or addons that have a simliar lua coding its real easy to tell the gun to fire -about of bullets- in -amout of time- just look up gmod swep making or something.

Oh, Ok. Because I made a Model of what I want to add to Garry’s Mod (Its the Mk1 Bazookoid from Red Dwarf for all those Space Builders) Its not very good. I might need a bit of a hand with Animations and Compiling. I’m not however using 3ds Max instead I’m using Maya.