How do i make a teleporter

How do i make a teleporter in gmod hammer thats like the one on construct_flatgrass_v5 to flatgrass and sky i’ve tried over 5 tuts on YouTube and none of them work so please help me.

Check my teleport tutorial. Click the link under my name.

You Probably watched a tutorial by 3kliksphillip, hence it not working, if you’re new to Hammer check out mine and Firegod’s tutorials.

Create a trigger_teleport brush, and direct it to an info_teleport_destination entity (target).

You can read all about the associated entities here:

I did firegods tutorial and it still doesnt work !!! :frowning: makes me sad


heres the vmf file since this is just me testing the basics so i can make a map

Tell me what i did wrong.

Did you check the flags tab

Ohhhhhh I will do that tomoro I’m on my itouch :stuck_out_tongue:

Me too :v:

What do I select in the flags tab and I select that on the trigger block? What do I select under flags

got it working