How do I make a weapon admin or superadmin only?

Pretty much the thread title. I also have ULX if that matters.

Download an admin only SWEP, you will notice some lines at the top of the LUA, with " admin " in them. Put them on a non admin weapon, it will now become admin.

But take care about you just need to duplicate the weapon, after that, you can spawn it on the server, regardless you are admin or not. I recommend you to don’t put any " super gun " on your server.

Oh ok thanks. Now I need to learn LUA. How about NPCs? Cause I like killing things.

I don’t know anything about NPCs, sorry. :confused:

But you don’t have to learn LUA at all, just copy past the code at the top of the file.

Well that was easy. If anyone know how to make NPCs admin only please help.

Edit: Nvm NPCs are the exact same.