how do i make ALL my sweaps work

im making sweaps but only 4 works and the other dont show in the list and the all have the same code but not the same moddel and if u what the lula code i need help whit tha code so u get in a lua thing here fort got what it was and sorry for my bad english

What? Maybe try improving your English before posting here so you can actually read it.

Also, don’t say what everyone does: SRY FR MY BAD ENGRISH BUT I IS SWEDIS!

I’m also Swedish, but you don’t see me typing like you.

Is the model typed in right?

If there are any errors when you start your process please post them, and also please post a sample of the working swep and one that is not working.

ok but im having dyslesil if i typt it rigt so i haveing problev whit typing ok and ihve typed them right


He’s having some dyslexia, can I have some too?

I wonder if he codes like that too.

Dammit, dyslexia costs 500$ a pound, where’d you get it?!?!