How do I make an arbitrarily large hitbox for an S ENT?

I’ve looked around on the wiki/internet but can’t figure it out. Say I want to make a hitbox that is MUCH bigger than the model I’m using. How would I go about that?

edit: prefferably would be the ability to change the hitbox according to the center of the entity, using vectors. that would be optimal, but I don’t know if it’s possible. All help is appreciated. Thanks!

Edit for those who find this thread through google:

You need to do two things.

One: Create a custom collision mesh. There is same pretty much complete code you can use from the Gmod wiki, with a good explanation about it, too. Link:

Two: In the serverside initialize function, you need to initialize the physics to accept a mesh table as the collision hitbox.


with the enum “SOLID_CUSTOM” found on this page: