How do I make an eye completely black?


I wanted to make a completely black eye for one of my playermodels.
My problem is that the black brightens itself up:

Here is the code of the “eyeball_r.vmt” if needed:

At the moment the right eye uses the iris of the left eye but looks bad when a lamp shines on it:
Btw, the brown iris is used in the code below

$Iris “eyes/brown_iris”
$AmbientOcclTexture “eyes/survivor_eye_aou”
$CorneaTexture “engine/eye-cornea”
$AmbientOcclColor “[0 0 0]” Default 0, 0, 0
$Dilation “0”
$ParallaxStrength “0”
$CorneaBumpStrength “0”
$halflambert 0
$nodecal 0
$ambientocclusion 0

$RaytraceSphere 0
$SphereTexkillCombo 0

// DX8 ps.1.1 fallbacks, original HL2 eyes
	"$basetexture" "models/humans/eyeball_r"
	"$iris" "models/humans/pupil_r"


Thanks for the help!

Just model him to not have an eye there…?

Why are you using Eyerefract? Why not just use UnlitGeneric with solid black as your base texture?

Thanks for the help! I’m a total noob with valve textures and parameters etc.
UnlitGeneric helped me alot! Thx for the help.