How do I make an object follow a player?

So far I have learn how to build a vending machine with a face and wheels that can even turn and shoot using the “.” key!

But now I want that vending machine to chase players and kill them…how do I go about doing that without manually driving it?

You need some Wiremodding I think. Take a look at the Garrysmod wiki.

You would need wiremod to do that. It’s not so complex but you would need to learn how to do wire first and that can get a bit complicated.

Wire is really a great addon if you don’t know what it is. It adds thousands of possabilities. If you decide you want to get into it just DL the latest SVN and mess around with it, learning how the tools work. Then look more around the wiki.

Something like that.

Its not a thing you can do willy nilly, will take you a good while to learn.

Yeah you have to take the time to learn wire but when you do there is a shit load of possabilities. And the above tutorial I gave you makes it seem complex. You could probably just ask someone in a servera nd they make it simpler for you.




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