How do I make basic reskins of citizens?

I am a gigantic noob to reskinning/remodeling, I just wanted to do some reskinning/remodeling of male07 to make him to my standards, any tips? :dance:

Sure! I found a great video on youtube, I hope this helps! I have successfully reskined a few of them and some player models and such, so if you have a problem, feel free to ask.
I am a n00b to ^^
We all learn somewhere!

Ah, thank you, this helped with the reskinning part at least.

I wanted to make male07 with a t-shirt like in this image, but I don’t know how… :saddowns:


If I knew how to headhack this wouldn’t be a problem, but I can’t model at all :derp:

That citizen with the t-shirt is part of a pack, just go into seach in model/skins releases and type Sleeved and its called “Short Sleeved citizens” or something close to that, there are 9 with the t-shirts one for each citizen head.

Your welcome

OH! Thank you!