How do i make chat commands?

hello, i am back, and i need to ask how i would make a chat comand that would pick up arguments and stuff, the only reason i am posting here is that the example on the wiki doesnt work for me and i dont know alot todo with chat.

thanks in advance

Can you give us an example that you want to do?

well i want to do it when someone says !slap meisno it does the command admin_slap meisno , meisno being an argument and stoof like that

In the PlayerSay hook search for the letters (!ban as an example) and then call the concommand with a prefix for it.

Say if you had a funciton called BanNoob() and added it as a concommand with the name “BanANoob” then if you found !ban you would run that concommand.

I would post my code but I believe it was you who moaned it was too messy or something so I wont bother.

[lua]local chatcommands = {
[“kill”] = function(pl,args)
[“print”] = function(pl,args)
local prefix = “/”

local args = string.Explode(" ",text)
local cmd = string.Right(args[1],string.len(args[1]) - 1)
if string.Left(args[1]) == prefix and chatcommands[cmd] then

Here’s a pretty easy way of doing it. Dunno if it works, but you get the idea. There’s probably a more efficient way of doing the strings.

module( “chatcommand”, package.seeall )

local Commands = {}
function Add( name, func )
Commands[ name ] = func

function Call( name, pl, args )
local func = Commands[ name ]
if (func) then
local b, res = pcall( func, pl, name, args )
if (!b) then
Commands[ name ] = nil
ErrorNoHalt( res )
return false
return true

function FindPlayer( name )
for _, ply in pairs( player.GetAll() ) do
if (string.find( ply:Nick(), name ) || (name == ply:Nick())) then return ply end

local function PlayerSay( ply, text, toall)

local first = string.sub( text, 1, 1 )
if (first == "/") then
	local str = string.sub( text, 2 )
	local args = string.Explode( " ", str )
	local com = args[1]
	table.remove( args, 1 )
	local b = Call( com, ply, args )
	if (b) then return "" end

hook.Add( “PlayerSay”, “CHATCOMMANDS”, PlayerSay )

To use it:


chatcommand.Add(“help”, function(ply)
ply:ChatPrint(“How to play blah blah blah…”)

Then ingame type: “/help” for that function to run.

where does your module go irzilla? does it go into lua / someplace/ includes?

You can put that module anywhere as long as you include it.

Or you can put it in: lua/includes/modules/ for it to get included automaticly.

do i need a complete restart of mah server? of a map change ( or reload )


it doesnt work :frowning: can someone make a simple lua function thats like chatcommand.add( command , function fallback ) ? because irzilla’s doesnt work :frowning:

You need to tell us what you’ve tried and what exactly did not work.

well i placed the module irzilla in lua/includes/modules and i put the function he provided and linked it to my function but it gave me the error it couldnt find the module even though i had restart and everything but i dunno

Kid, commonsense is needed.

We can’t tell what the heck you’re saying.

ok, you know IRZilla gave me a module , well i put it in lua/includes/modules and i hooked up the example he gave me to my function and i tried to make it work and everything but iit gave me the error that it couldnt find the module :frowning: . anyway, if i do a check if someone is admin, then i try to run the command in the rcon, it gives me an error, how do i make a command rcon compatible?

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