how do I make custom decal?

Can someone show me how to make a custom decal in gimp and were to save it? I’m good at making stuff in gimp and my friend is making me a map and i want a custom decal with the server logo or something on it somewhere in the map. how to i make a custom decal or overlay to be able to place in the hammer editor for use in a map.

Look at the decal section.

um well that tells me how to make a texture. i will look at it again and see if theres anything that can help me though. also i have my decal i want saved in .tga format

It is in there… Look harder.

my vmt file looks like this.

	$basetexture	decals\radiant_decal
	$decal		1
	$decalscale	0.1
	$translucent	1

and my vtf file is put in C:\steam\steamapps\chelck\Materials\Decals\radiant_decal.vtf
what am i missing. also my vmt file is located at C:\steam\steamapps\chelck\Materials\Decals\radiant_decal.vmt

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i tried typing in decals/radiant and nothing showed up.

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also my decal is a 256x256 picture

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srry for so many edits but also i have my picture in the vtf format, is it soppose to be something else or am i still soppose to use the vmteditor and set it to normal map like in the textures section

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never mind i got it.