How do I make custom models for Gmod?

Ok, just some quick notes…

-I’ve already searched google for this, and i can’t seem to find an answer. :\

-I’m well experienced with C4D, and quickly learning modeling in Maya, so I won’t need much tutoring.

-I’m well experienced with Gmod, so I’m not a mingebag ^.^

I just need to know how to I get the model in the right format, how do I get the collision meshes right, and what-not.

I have many ideas that i would like to execute, and the two things I need to know are LUA and how to make models for Gmod (I’m not asking about LUA here just fyi, but if you wanna give some advice that’d be great ^.^).


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Make model, create a bone(More if it’s a ragdoll), assign model(or parts of said model) to the bone(s), save as a smd. Now, the hard part, compiling! If it’s just one bone you can compile the model as a prop, if more then one bone and it’s a ragdoll, you also need a physmodel and an appropriate .qc for a compile. QC’s are harder then fuck really, one mistaken detail and all of it fucks up, so making a proper .qc is key.

Before you compile you need to give the model a UV and export the UV for skinning. This is also hard because making a texture from scratch is harder then a mother fucker, so usually a models creation is a group of more then 2 people, unless your good in Photoshop. It’s good to save the now finished skin as a .tga and compile the texture using cannonfodders or photoshop into the file directory you want your models skin to be in, like “materials/models/LOLPROP”, usually the name of the .vtf that is saved in here is the name of the .tga you save earlier.

If successful, you should have a compiled model for use in the Source Engine. I’d suggest compile into the old EP1 engine, mainly because there are still GM9 users, like myself, who like to pose models in 9 and do other stuff in GM10(Retail)

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what is CD4
and how do you make models please help

It’s spelled C4D and means Cinema 4D. There are may threads about this very subject on the first few pages here.

modeling is easy, I wouldnt attempt it if I were you

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Here’s a video I found while searching model making on Google last year:

Read the description because it has lots of good information

how do i make a skin in garry’s mod please help

Thats Kinda complicated for New People To skinning and modelling! :objection:

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