How do I make desert Canyons/Cliffs?

So I’m making a Middle East desert war map and I want to make these kinds of cliffs/canyons for some epic flying and just to make the map less flat in general, althought I got no idea how I would do this, does anyone know?

Haven’t tried it myself but would love to know if it’s a good solution.

If you want cliffs specifically styled like that, you’ll need to model them. While you can replicate them using only brushes and displacements, it’s not recommended.

But if you can deal with simple cliffs and rock formations, use displacements.

what Kingpommes said or twister make some nice terrain

EDIT if you find displacements lower your fps and you what to make a model but have no modeling skills you can propper 2013 to convert the displacement into a model for you

Those rocks looks amazing, althought their color doesnt match the rest of the map, is it possible to change the color of a prop? Or do I have to change the textures color?

you could edit the .vtf in an image editing prog or use light entites in hammer to change the colour or if you know how to make a texture try to create a blend texture that will blend from the ground into the rocks

You could ghetto fix it by placing it as prop_dynamic and giving it a color override :'D

I’d go for taz0s solution tho …

Ya I changed the textures on the rocks, now I have another problem tho, when I get far away from the props a yellow/red box always appear instead of the props, is it possible to disable that?

in hammer options >> 3D views set model render distance higher i.e around 8000 click apply and ok the model should be ok then but will revert to red block after camera is 8000 units away from it, if you have a lw spec gfx card and loads of models displayed the 3d view’s fps will drop and seem laggy so don’t set it too high

Specifically, you’ll want to change the Model render distance. When getting to map more complicated things, though, you’ll want to lower it so the 3D view doesn’t lag too much, or use the keyboard shortcuts for hiding things [h] or the shortcut for hiding everything but the selected objects [shift]+[h].