How do I make different skin groups for one model?

That’s the question, How do I make different skin groups for one model?

In your QC, add

$texturegroup <Group Name> 

Where “texture1.vmt” is the name of the first material that you wish to change, and “texture1_alt.vmt” is the alternate version of it.
I always just tack “_alt” on the end of an altered material’s name for the sake of simplicity.
If you’re not changing a particular material, you don’t need to list it.

You can also set it up like this, if you wish:

$texturegroup <Group Name> 
    { "texture1.vmt" "texture2.vmt" }
    { "texture1_alt.vmt" "texture2_alt.vmt" }

I prefer the first method though, it’s much easier to read when you have a lot of materials.

Thank you

One thing, if texture1 is the base texture and texture1_alt is the alternative version of it, what is texture2 and texture2_alt?

Those would be any other material on the model that you wish to change.
“texture2” and “texture2_alt” would only apply to a model with multiple materials.

For example, say I’ve got a model of a human wearing clothes. This human’s skin is on one material (texture1), and the clothes are a separate material (texture2).

I’m guessing this means I could do texture3, texture4, texture5 etc?

Also, could I do texture1_alt1, texture1_alt2 etc?

Yes and yes. :smiley:
Just make sure that for every skin group you add a new set of brackets.

One last thing, would I have to still use // Model uses material “X” for all of the textures?

everything starting with “//” is skipped by compiler, so you dont have to