How do I make energy in spacebuild?

Simple question How do I make energy in spacebuild? Also, anyone have any guides on spacebuild?

Yeah, it’s called

How about being helpful?

First, spawn an Energy Cell from Life Support Storage.

Then, spawn a Wind Generator and/or Solar Panel from Life Support Generators.

Easiest way to make energy.

Not my fault if he can’t search for an answer.

Not my fault that Google doesn’t return true every fucking time it’s used.

Fair fight.

Not really. If you search “Life Support Tutorial” in youtube, you’ll get plenty of results.
Google too
Even with “Spacebuild Tutorial”
Maybe you just don’t know how to search.

Maybe you should read and not skim.

I said Google doesn’t return true EVERY FUCKING TIME.

It returns true a lot though. But there are times where I’ve searched something with the most general keywords I can think of to get my point across, and it STILL fails.

If Google was good every time, there would be no Help and Support threads.

Replying to this means you just want to flame me at this point.

Either get the Black Hole Cache or the Stargate Pack.

Black Hole gives unlimited amounts of any resource you can think of.

The Stargate Pack has an item called the ZPM.

It has a lot of energy to give. and it is small, so it is easy to fit into a ship :smiley:

This is ridiculous. We have like 8 posts and still no one can give him a straight answer?

The simplest way is to use the solar panels. Hook them up using the resource link (just like wires in wire mod) and link one of them to whatever generator that needs energy. Done. (Just makes sure not to turn the solar panels upside down, or they stop working.)

Second simplest way is to use wind generator. Spawn on, link it up, and wassszup, energy.

The best way to get energy is to use fusion reactors. Just spawn one, walk up to it and press e, and it still start generating energy. However, if you don’t provide coolant to it, it will start smoking, and eventually blow up. (If you blow up a fusion generator together with a fully charged energy tank, you get a fusion bomb, with will destroy everything in a large radius, and will probably crash your game as well.) So before turning the reactor on, link two coolant generators to it, and turn all of them on. That will stop the fusion reactor from killing you. (If you point at the fusion reactor, you see the word heavy water. You DO NOT need heavy water to get energy, but you get more if you do. However, it takes a ridiculous amount of water to get a tiny portion of heavy water, and the fusion reactor use it up like a fat man eating cake. Hence not worth it.)

Black hole cache is for noobs who can’t be bothered to build a resource gathering station

Or when you want to spend your time building a space station/ship instead of spending it building resource gathering things. You can always remove the BHCs and put normal resource gathering things there later on. But yeah, you pretty much explained how to get energy in Spacebuild 2.

Not at all.
I’m saying that he should at least try SEARCHING before asking, as there ARE results out there.
In fact, everybody should try searching for any tutorial or documentation before asking.