How do i make entites physgunable to admins?

How do i make things like money printers and weapon crated be able to be picked up and moved by admins with the phys gun? Im running DarkRP 2.4.1 if it helps

I think this goes in questions … Anyways i am gonna jump on the bandwagon cause i want yo make entitys not be able to be physgunned ( if you understood that, cause i think i just made a new word xD )

Well idk where it goes cause i put it in the garrysmod forum and they told me to move it to lua. whatever hopefully someone will just help me.

This should do it

In FPP, there’s an option “admins can pick up block entities” in the physgun section.

Something like this:

function physgunPickup( ply, ent )
if ply:IsAdmin() and ent:GetClass() == ‘your entity class’ then
return true
return false