How do I make eyes that glow in the dark?

$selfillum doesn’t seem to work. Is there a way to do it?

Damn…I remember something like this being brought up a few years ago. I don’t think we came up with a solution, and I’m surprised we still haven’t.
My best guess is because of the way the game typically treats eyes - a variable that’s set during model creation or during compilation that decides which portions of a model or model group will receive direct lighting or not…

I’m thinking, try it first with the normal citizens, and then with bloocobalt’s enhanced citizens. Since their eyes receive light differently, it might have an effect.

I think you need to have the area you want glowing, to be white, and everything else black, in the alpha channel of the texture, and that makes $selfillum work.

That’s the best I can explain it, correct me if i’m wrong.

Do you mean glow like the combine models?

$selfillum cannot be used with $translucent on models.

Don’t see that having much of anything to do with this. The eye VMTs don’t have $translucent or even $alphatest on them anywhere.
For that matter, they don’t even use VMTs by default.

They use .vmts, but the thing is, the eyeshader uses $translucent (or something similar) without it being defined in the .vmt.

I tried this a number of years back with an Alyx skin I was working on.

I never figured out how to do it, and if I recall correctly, neither did Lt. Commander.

My best guess is to fine some way to make the iris and the white part of the eye the same texture, so you don’t need to use any sort of transparency or whatever, and then use selfillum.

The only way I was able to think of is, duplicate the eye mesh and put a glowing texture on that. The issue is, that it won’t move of course with the eye. A competent coder though could probably work on the eye shader of course and modify it.