How do i make Fist Swep break props/windows?

Currently it deletes props instead of breaking them and does not do anything to windows. So im wondering how i make the fist break windows/props properly.
Here is the weapon_fist lua.

Also, the animation only shows for other players and not for yourself when right clicking

actually this is almost the exact same as this maybey u edited it but if you didnt i suggest just copy and pasting the one from that website into the file, that may be the problem.

That looks like the same one, but i edited the one i have to be able to use rightclick to push people like the crowbar can, the only problem about that is the animation. it is shown to all players except the one who actually pushes. And it does not break props or windows, just deletetes props.

Most props won’t break unless they are defined to break.

The crowbar breaks props and windows, i want the fists to do the same. and i want to fix the animation issue.