How do I make gmpublush work with SteamCMD?

I’d like to make a thing that does git -> workshop
gmpublush says steam is not running when steamcmd is. (and it’s logged in)

How can I run gmpublish from my server so I can update my workshop addons automatically as soon as I push to the master branch?

I don’t think this will be possible.

Why not? What can regular steam client do that steamcmd can’t do?

I don’t think SteamCMD can interface with steamworks. Would you be able to run GMod client and connect to a server without Steam running?

SteamCMD can upload workshop stuff for Quake Live, for example.

Yes it can, because it does all the work by itself.
It can also download server files, crazy right?

If you want to put the effort in, create a program with opensteamworks. With that you can log in to user accounts with a username and password using this and publish workshop stuff with this.

Possibly… if I do want to put that much effort in it. I’ll test out if I can get GMod itself working in SteamCMD next time I boot up into Linux.