How do I make good wheel powered cars/trucks?

Good evening,

I’ve done a fair few cars now in gmod but I cannot do good wheel power. They always tend to peel out and spin at any sort of decent speed.

I can do suspension, steering via hydros but wheel power escapes me.

I’ve seen videos of others on youtube and from the contraption forums of really nice, smooth and non-slidey cars in gmod but I cannot for the life of me figure out how to do it.

I can do thrusters, forcer, engines but wheel power cars elude me.

Any pointers for making a wheel powered car work?

Thanks for any information.

If you use the tires with treads in them it’s likely they’ll spaz a bit. Try going for wheels as smooth as possible.

Give them a little more weight as well. Other than that, just make sure the actual car is parented etc etc.

to fix this use physical properties rubber

Omg, its the simplest of all things in gmod.
if the wheels are too powetrful the car will spin out of control.

Does this increase the amount of grip on the wheel?

And what settings should you normally use?