How do I make guns "craftable" (as in: you collect stuff to make them)

I’m making a prison RP and want guns to be more difficult to get.

I was wondering how you make it so that people need to collect stuff, or make stuff, in order to make guns.

I’m running my custom darkrp 2.4.1 called JailRP

Tell me if you need anymore info, thanks.

This isn’t a question. It’s a request.

It’s a question of how I could do it myself…
if someone took the initiative and did it for me then I wouldn’t say no.

I think you would do like.


function CraftGun1( ply )
if ply:HasItem(“item_wood”) and ply:HasItem(“item_cheese”) then --Inventory addon has these meta

concommand.Add(“CheeseCraft”, CraftGun1)


You’ll probably not want to remove the player, but instead remove the item.

so to actually make that work the inventory addon is needed?

Well, I’d imagine a crafting system would be a lot easier to implement into a proper item system. And his code wouldn’t really work anyway, since it was just an example of how you could make it.