How do i make HDR cubemaps for non-SFM Source games?

I’m trying to make an HDR version of a cubemap that’s being used on a model, like how TF2’s Saxxy uses cubemap_gold001, but also uses cubemap_gold001.hdr for HDR maps, however, i can only compile HDR cubemaps for SFM, other Source Engine games’ VTEX don’t recognize the “cubemap” command, and using the HDR cubemap created by SFM outside of the SFM will result in an error texture for the cubemap

So is there a way around this? I’ve looked for answers on Google, Facepunch and the Valve Developer Wiki but i’ve yet to find anything

Nevermind, apparently i’ve overlooked where it said all i needed was the cubemap faces as separate textures with appropriate suffixes (FT, BK, LF, RT, UP, DN) and a single notepad file, rather than one for each texture

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