How do I make it more day-time like?

So I’m making a map for left 4 dead 2, and I’m using dead center’s hotel skybox.

I put in a light environment and made the brightness and ambience as the wiki said, and everything’s still dark. There’s cubemaps for the fence and vents too. Help!

Did you adjust the pitch yaw and roll?

You need to copy the settings into the light_enviroment.

Adjusting the roll doesn’t actually do anything, does it?

Doesn’t look like it.

I did that. You mean the brightness and ambience, right?

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Thanks Firegod. Looks a lot better now.


No point, I screwed it sideways in the end.

Just saying to anyone else out there who has this problem; the L4D2 instance folder provides fog, lighting and color correction entities that are preset for specific levels and skyboxes in L4D2. I suggest you use these in your own campaign and adjust them to your liking.

Well you could soften up your ambient. It would make the shadows brighter, therefore more daytime-like.