How do I make it so skins don't reset after each TTT round?

Ok, so I did a bunch of research to make my server (still in testing right now) and I added a pointshop with some skins to the server. I know for a fact that the skins work as I tried them in sandbox and there were no errors, but when I try and use them on TTT, whenever the round starts you change to the default skins again. I tried disabling the code on line 271 of player_ext.lua, but the round won’t even start when I do that. Thanks in advance!

Restore your player_ext.lua file. Change the skin in a 1 second timer after the round starts.

Could you link me to a tutorial or something to work with? Thanks

hook.Add( "TTTBeginRound", "SkinSet", function()
   -- skin set code here
end )

ok, I’m assuming that goes just before the

if [SERVER] 

in the registry file, or does it go in the

function ITEM:OnEquip(ply, modifications)

place with the point shop? Sorry for all the questions, I am 100% new to lua programming and this is my first ever steam cmd gmod server.

It’s not


It’s either

if SERVER then


if ( SERVER ) then

But regardless of that, it goes on ITEM:OnEquip as you need to set it only if the player has bought the item

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