How Do I Make Machinima

I’ve looked up youtube tutorials and all and now know how to film. Next I need to know how to make the characters (Dummies) walk and talk, sit down and make gestures. Help please :slight_smile:

I normally use cameras and then turn off the beam of my Physgun, this allows me to move them without seeing any sign of me. I use Fraps, naturally.

It’s called Source Recorder, but it takes alot of skill to make good machinima

In all honesty, Source Recorder may work better, but converting is such a pain in the ass, you must jump through extra hoops just to get it to do what you want. If you have a fairly decent PC, you should have no problems running Fraps.

I would use source recorder if I were you. I run a GTX 260, 4gb RAM, and an AMD Phenom II X4 Quad-Core. (2.8Ghz) Fraps brings my games down to about 20 fps. Of course I’m running at max on 1680x1050 (No anti-aliasing) so your results may be different.

That’s all the resolution you can get without AA? Stunning.

Don’t go into making machinimae. In all honesty, it’s not a gig you just drop into. People seem to think that flapping ragdolls around to some music is funny. If you’ll notice, a large portion of the videos rely on slapstick humor. That will grant them a crowd of children HURR HURr HE GOT HIT BY A TIRE HUR. You could cobble together a shitty pile of clips on WMM and get your 15 views on youtube, but why not go into something better?

Become a LUA scripter or coder.

A future on machinima, successful or not, is darkness.

Exhibit A


If you want to make a machinima you need a good idea, good editing program (Example Sony vegas… NOT WINDOWS MOVIE MAKER), Good actors (if needed) and patience. Because nothing will end up the day after.

It can take you a week or two to make a good machinima (or one day if you work really hard and focused).

How to record:

Either use Fraps: used for good computers, if you dont have it… dont use it (cus it will make your video lag [See upper post] and less entertaining. Fraps will record everything YOU see on your screen (mouse pointer etc). Just press a button of your choice to start recording and stop it with the same button. Fraps will eat some fps down, even if you had a computer from NASA.

Source recorder: if you’ve ever played GTA IV you will somewhat know what this is. It will record a ‘file’ which tells you exactly what happens during the time you record it in. Lets say you go soldier on 2fort and you die after 30 sec. Now if you download all the skins, Gui’s and all other stuff it will appear when you playback it. Basicly, it tells you what items or whatever you used and where you walked.

Source recorder got some downsides though. If you record a demo file and then go to your spawnmenu it wont show the cursor and you have to edit alot of your footage but its worth it, it will come clean and lagfree and the best quality.

Screenshots: Used mostly for Gmod. Basicly, take a screenshot of your posing. Change the arm or whatever you’re going to animate. Then take a screenshot again, pose it again, screenshot etc.
I suggest you to practise some animations with macro flash.

If you’re aiming for views/ratings and being more famous. Dont use old ‘memes’ like WTF BOOM, Rick roll, Benny Hill or familiar ‘memes’. This will only make your videos old or not funny. I’m not saying your video will INSTANTLY get boring if you use them… it just makes it less entertaining. Awsome edited and cinematic scenes makes your video more entertaining and intresting.

And yet again, if you dont want to make your videos look like it was made by 12-year old kids. Disable your cl_drawhud and hide your physgun.

As i said before, take your time on your video. Things can take time to complete but it will be worth it in the end.


knowledge + effort = profit.