How Do I Make MadCows Ammo?

Alright, so I guess I need a script of some sort… But I have all the shipments and weapons and whatnot, but people cant buy ammo for them. Not pistols, but ammo for the madcows weapons.

Any help is appreciated!

Well what I did was I found out what ammo types I want each gun to have
For example:
I wanted Pistol to have the ammo Pistol, Rifles/SMGs to have the ammo smg1, and shotguns to have the ammo buckshot.

To make it so it took that ammo, you go into the Mad Cow Addons folder
Then go to LUA, weapons, and then the weapon you want to fix.
For example, I want to fix the 357 so I would go in the weapon_mad_357 folder
Then go to Shared.lua
Then find the line called: SWEP.Primary.Ammo = " "
Change the " " to whatever you want, in my case i’d make it Pistol
Then when you buy pistol ammo for the 357 it will work!