How do I make *.mdl files!?

Well I want to learn how to make *.mdl files because I want to make ragdolls, npc´s, props and stuff like that, now I´ve been “googleing” for2 hours and found…nothing so I´m asking here.

Programs currently installed (editing and stuff)
Sketchup 7
Gimp 2.6

Those should be enough
(sketchup for 3d modeling)
(Gimp for textures)

The textures for my (2) first projects are done^^
1 ragdoll
1 minigun prop

Post this here->

Sketchup cannot be used for source modelling, get 3DS Max or Blender.

Im pretty sure sketchup can be for source, Probably not just the best…


They even have it on the valve wiki:

FYI, This was the first hit i got for “Sketchup source engine” on google.


And you’re looking for the SMD export, VMF is for use in maps.

Oh yeah I forgot the tools were released with L4D2