how do i make models for weapons

I know how to make a gun but not the view model
and world model can someone give me a link to a tutorial or something

I dont get your request very well but…
What modelling program do you use?

i don’t have a program
what modeling program do you use

You know how to make a gun but not a model? In what way can you make a gun? Where do you make that said gun?

i just can’t make the view model and world model

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seriously people I kneed help


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Sorry about that i over reacted.

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Okay “waffles” lets slow down. First you will need to download a modeling program. There are many to choose from, but since free is better in this case, you could use something like Blender 3d, or a few others that are free. Try google searching Blender 3d, and downloading that. Then make a new search for Blender tutorials, or Blender Modeling tutorials, to weed out the stuff you don’t need yet. If you still want any help, PM me, I’d be glad too. Assuming you’ll slow down and type with a little more care.


And really guys, I know he types in AIM chat, but you’re all practically trolling him. He’s still asking for help, and you could at least link him to some tutorials, or beginners guides.

what u mean u can make a gun? a real gun but not a model? or do you mean swep without custom models?

He probably means he can use the templane SWEP script but can’t model. In which case I say, use the search or just browse few pages back, you’ll find many threads on how to start modeling and what programs to use.