How do I make mouthes move?

Well i have another question, again as the title says “How do i make mouths move?”

I have been working on movies and i hit a road block, a BIG road block. It might seem well, like a stupid question, but how do i make the mouths of my characters move in scenquence with the script?

I’ve seen it done countless times and im just curious as to how i do it. Is it just pictures stacked together with different faceposes or is it something alittle easier to work with?

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.

Thanks, and its a vid tut, even better!

Note that it is only possible to do it the easy way in windows XP. Just search around youtube on how to manually add the phonemes yourself.

Like he said, if you have Vista you have to do it “manually.” I made a video once manually, took quite awhile even though it’s short


Anyways doing it manually makes it look better, but it takes ALOT longer

Well im goin have to do it manually (i have vistas) so im sure if it makes it look better, its worth it.

Dammit, I have vista and am to lazy to do huge coversations manually :frowning:

My faceposer doesn’t even start up :frowning: says ‘hlfaceposer.exe has stopped working’. Anyone know why it’s doing that or how to fix? I’m on vista.

This really isn’t the section to have this discussion.