How do I make my computer be able to download maps and weapons for Garry's mod.

If I go on the site to download an extra NPC or map. I can’t download it and it says it isn’t a supported file type. How do I make my computer let me download .BSP files!?!?!

You don’t use your computer often, do you?

If it is an obvious answer I don’t care, I just need an answer please

You don’t open the bsp file, you drop it into garrysmod/maps

I don’t know whats more funny, the answer he got, or the fact that you got a useful, an informative, and an agree. Boxes are accepted


Oh and bad reading’s are also accepted

People should just be helped out, and not ridiculed in the first place. You’re not above everyone else for knowing how to use WinRar or Windows Explorer.

I don’t think i am above people just because i know how to use PC’s. I know that there are ALLOT of people who don’t know how to use them to their full advantage, and i know that its a majority that don’t know.

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Excuse me, but: :irony: