How do I make my fog affect my skybox?

So how do I exactly make my fog affect the 3D Skybox aswell?

It should automatically do it.

If you mean the texture, you can take the $nofog parameter out of the .vmt files.

Well its just that I can see the end of the sea in my 3D Skybox and other models and displacements. But if I change the distance of fog, the real map’s fog goes too bad.
The outline of the sea can be easily seen, it’s so different from the skybox texture

Do you have a screenshot?

Will be in a few min

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You can see the outlines of the cliff and water.

Ps. Don’t mind bout the cubemap error or the empty place between water and cliff

Your fog is the wrong color. You need to make the fog the same color as the bottom of the skybox.

Dang it. No idea how to do it then.

The RGB values for the correct color are 45 43 54 btw

Remember how I said use the fog console commands, you are suppose to apply them to the env_fog_controller. Also you can use the farz keyvalue. This pretty much tells the fog to stop rendering stuff past this distance. So if you have such a hard fall off, it will look un natural.

Where do I use these values?

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What’s the “farz keyvalue” ?

But it still doesn’t cover the skybox with fog. I don’t think you can do it. Atleast I’ve never found a solution for it.

All you could do is get a custom skybox texture with the same color as your fog for it to look like it covers the sky.

This shit is too hard. Maybe someone just could make a prefab for me or something

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It still looks bad.
Don’t mind bout cubemaps.


What do I need to edit so the fog doesn’t just suddenly start there?

Do you want it to cover the whole skybox or?

32 31 39

Used it, still looks off and bad.

Well either you don’t use fog, or you get over it, because nobody playing is really going to notice. Edit the texture if you want it fixed.

That’s what I said why you rating my dumb for then?

How do I make the fog look so it doesn’t just suddenly start from somewhere?