how do i make my mac faster

im getting this huge lag on my mac can someone tell me how to make it faster please??

You might need to talk to apple 'bout that

I’m assuming you’re talking about lag in the game… try pressing F1 to open the console and type in “grass.on false”. Could help out a bit but I can’t say for sure. Also, a simple search of the forum would have revealed the same information 200 times over.

You buy a windows machine! :v:
all kidding aside, what are your specs? if you only have integrated graphics, you will not be able to run it anyway, most likely

Make sure that all of the programs your arent using are off.

The main issue you have is it’s a mac :slight_smile: an overpriced pile of crap. I am assuming it is also a laptop so the only way to make it “faster” is to get a new computer.